Compare the NinjaStik, TAILS and many others…

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~$50 – 100

~$50 – 100

Tor Browsing icon icon icon icon icon
Automatic Updates & Security icon icon icon ?
Works w/ PC & Macs icon icon icon icon ?
Works w/ 32 & 64 Bit icon icon icon icon ?
Works w/ Flash ‘tube sites icon icon ?
Tested by Experts icon icon icon ?
Encrypted Storage icon  ?
Encrypted Email icon  icon icon  ?
Great Customer Service icon icon  ?
Guaranteed icon icon  ?
High Quality USB USB 3.0 Your Choice  USB 2.0

We’ll put the NinjaStik up against any other product on the market today.

The NinjaStik security, features, convenience and great customer service all add up to the best portable online privacy device around and we’ve been shipping them since 2012.  The only one we won’t bash is TAILS (geek pun intended) – if you are looking for a free option to online Tor browsing, TAILS is phenomenal.

Tor routers and anything running on Windows are, in our opinion, a security nightmare and an absolute waste of money.  Before buying any privacy product, take the time to learn why you need it and what it will do.

Only you can be responsible for your own privacy. NinjaStik can help.

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