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So for those times when you really don’t want your friendly national surveillance service (or that freak Carrie Mathison from “Homeland”) watching everything you do online, there’s NinjaStik. For everything else there’s, well, everything else.  I feel much safer already.

Dan Tynan – ITWorld

Using the Tor network along with 256 bit encryption it easily allows your data and web browsing to be kept private. It works by simply plugging it into any available USB port on your PC or MAC and booting the Linux-based OS from the stick.


if you are not much of a computer wizard, but are still concerned about your privacy being invaded, then we would definitely advise the Ninjastik, it takes all the hard work and does it for you, while leaving you with an easy to use bit of kit.


Using 256 bit security, USB based operating system and Torproject integration, the Ninjastik delivered an outstanding performance by putting all 3 of those features on the Ninjastik making it easy to use.

Angus Leung – TechisKey

…quite simply, the NinjaStik does what it says on the tin and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants secure and anonymous online communications as well as encrypted file storage without the hassle of having to learn how to configure it all themselves.

Alexander Hanff – Think Privacy

For most people, spending less than $70 on a device that they know will work, and has great support from Jeremy at NinjaStik, is a lot easier than messing with something they are not fully schooled in. No hassle, guaranteed.


  • A robust SwissArmyKnife for privacy on- & off-line while browsing or not!
  • 60 seconds to anonymity – sweet and it works! 
  • Overall it’s a nice little tool for less tech savvy people trying to get a little privacy online, and are in a situation where they’re mobile and using computers that don’t belong to them or are shared with un-trusted parties.
  • I bought a Ninja Stick from Jeremy because he had incorporated Lubuntu, FireFox and Tor into a USB.  This is an amazing accomplishment, giving anyone almost complete privacy and anonymity off virtually any computer.  
  • They made sure that if I was not satisfied I was aware that I could get a refund.  I figured I’d buy another computer before I’d give up my Ninja Stick.  If he wanted it back he would have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers.  
  • Great product, reasonable price, excellent customer service.

123 Responses to “NinjaStik Feedback & Reviews”

  1. SC #

    The Ninjastik is an excellent product that is only rivaled by the customer service provided to make sure that all are satisfied. Surely, not every transaction can be expected to be smooth. Albeit rarely, mistakes happen, but when the unforeseen does occur, rest assured that has its clients best interests in mind and will bend over backwards to make them happy, as was my own experience.

    Thanks again, Ninjastik! And keep up the good work of safeguarding online identity.

  2. Anonymous #

    I am extremely pleased with my Ninja Stick, and have been using it for several months now with great results. However, recently it stopped working, and after contacting the support team I recieved a quick reply and they fixed the issue immediately. Amazing product and service.

    • Ninjastik Admin #

      That is great to hear, thanks for the awesome feedback!

  3. n/a #

    I didn’t intend on doing anything really subversive with this but it sure is nice looking at Linkedin profiles without everyone knowing it’s me. I hate that linkedin shows who’s been looking at a profile – so wrong, anyway , this takes care of it nicely.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback and yet another great reason to use your NinjaStik!

  4. anonymous #

    Fantastic, totally fantastic – worked on my MacBook right out of the box, plugged it in, booted and the first time using it took about 2 minutes to get online. The second time was less than a minute. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!! 5 Stars

    • ninjastik #

      Well we think your feedback is fantastic too. Cheers

  5. none #

    for anyone looking at this product, I purchased 2 16 GB ninjasticks, they both work as claimed – seem very well put together. I also checked the encryption and each device has it’s own individual encryption key – no vulnerability found. As others have noted the support is very friendly – Highly recommended from this buyer.

    • ninjastik #

      Thank you for the feedback and reassurance about the encryption. Cheers!

  6. ____ #

    My review of this product: It didn’t work with my macbook pro until I used the second method that included downloading refit. Works well with my asus netbook. It does boot up within the 1 minute advertised time. Most websites work just like normal, some are a bit slow but not terribly so. Overall this is a 9/10 – great product.

    • ninjastik #

      Great review and thank you very much!

  7. dmz #

    Just received my ninjastick in the mail earlier this week, works exactley like you promise. just ordered 2 more for relatives. Thanks for this so much.

    • ninjastik #

      Thank you very much for the second order as well. Cheers.

  8. none #

    I have one, didn’t work with my Mac (osx10.7) but it worked perfectly on my old toshiba laptop. Highly recommended!!!!!!

    • ninjastik #

      Happy to hear it worked with one of your computers. OSX 10.7 seems to be a problem getting devices to boot from USB. Thanks for the recco!

  9. none #

    found this while searching for anonymous browsing, bought the 8 gigabyte unit and it is amazing. So very easy to use and great support too!

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated!

  10. none #

    Great little device for private browsing, needed a bit of help getting it to boot on my computer but the support from the admin was fast and very friendly.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback – enjoy!

  11. none #

    highly recommended – mine arrived last week and worked right out of the box – exactly what i needed. Thanks

  12. ryan #

    I bought 2 16gb ninjastick’s and they are incredible. My friend loves it but I screwed mine up by changing the password and using an uppercase letter in my password while my computer will not let me use caps on the unbuntu load screen for some reason. I brought this to the attention of tech support asking if there was anything I could do. A man named Jeremy replied ” Yes , we can send you a new one and it is in the mail”. Great product , and without a doubt in my mind the best costumer service I have ever had in my life. I will recommend this product to everyone I get the chance too. I would like to give a big thanks to the whole Ninja stick staff!!

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback!

  13. Anonymous #

    bought this for browsing BMR and SMP – worked right out of the box, thanks

    • ninjastik #

      glad to hear it is working, be careful out there!

  14. Anonymous #

    purchased a ninjastick last week, it arrived Friday – have been surfing the deepweb for days. It’s amazing what is out there. Recommended!

    • ninjastik #

      It certainly is a whole new world, thanks for the feedback

  15. Anonymous #

    prior to this I spent 2 weeks trying to get encrypted email setup through Tor on my notebook – got my Ninjastick on Thursday and had encrypted email 2 minutes later – worth every single penny spent.

    • ninjastik #

      thanks for the purchase and let us know if you have any questions!

  16. Tom #

    I ordered on of these last week and can’t wait for it to arrive, basic question, my main computer is a Mac (OS X Lion) but I also use a pc. Can the stik be set up for both systems or do I have to choose one or the other. I’m not too bothered if it’s just one, probably just use my old laptop.

    • ninjastik #

      You can use the NinjaStick on both, you can go from Mac to PC and back to Mac again. Apple has really locked down the ability to boot from USB with the latest updates but most of our Mac owners have been successful in using the NinjaStick. If you have any difficulties when it arrives just send us an email. And thanks for ordering!

  17. Jack #

    I bought one of these in March 2013 but it was only 15.00. I think I got ripped off since It included only GPG4WIN and some onion address and true crypt. It did not have secure email account program with it. I have had hell getting gpg4WIN to work . Is this the same flash drive I bought. It also included Tor Brower Bundle. I was able to get on the Tor network and to other sites but did not feel secure not being able to use PGP for my address when requested. Is this a new and improved Ningastick or what I already have?

    • ninjastik #


      It sounds like you purchased from one of our imitators. There are many out there who are putting up similar looking products but without the same functionality, security and customer service.

      Sorry to hear you’ve purchased something that sounds rather sketchy, send us an email at and we may be able to help you out.

  18. GM4N #

    Ordering was easy.. delivery 3-4 (work) days to Belgium, Europe.
    I like the product, comes in a nice little box and it does exactly what it should do!
    U plug it in any device that can boot from usb and in less then a minute u have your ‘own’ desktop available.
    The costumer service is awesome! I had some issues and everytime i got a good answer within the hour if not sooner. 10/10
    Keep up the good work!
    I would recommend this product to everybody that needs more privacy.


    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback!

  19. Piotr T #

    How would you say your product differs from the The Amnesiac Incognito Live System (TAILS)? What specific advantages does NinjaStick have over this freely available software that may also be installed on USB? Thank you and yes this is a genuine enquiry. If you are unfamiliar with TAILS their website is at:

  20. Anonymous #

    I recently received my ninjastick and it is awesome! Thank you so much for making such a good product. :)

    • ninjastik #

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the NinjaStick, thanks!

  21. Dean #

    I’m considering purchasing NinjaStick. I have one dumb question I can’t seem to find the answer to on the FAQ or elsewhere:

    Will the NinjaStick work on Intel and AMD processors, or do you sell an “Intel” version and an “AMD” version?

    Thanks in advance….

    • ninjastik #

      Hi, The NinjaStick will work with both Intel and AMD processors. Cheers

  22. I purchased one of these Ninjastick, it didn’t work with my macbook, but my money was refunded immediately. After thinking about it for a few weeks I ended up buying a regular notebook and bought another ninja stick and it works good.

  23. Anonymous #

    My ninjastick arrived in the mail this week and worked just like the reviews said. plugged in and booted up, bingo, works like a charm Thanks

  24. Anonymous #

    Your NinjaStick is a masterpiece.

    As a linux enthusiast, most people won’t know why it works so well, why – they won’t even be aware THAT it works so well.

    Program selection for resource management, support and stability have all
    gone into the mix.

    What you have accomplished, is to have made the highest security available
    TURNKEY emphatically TURNKEY.

  25. Anonymous #

    I was a bit skeptical about this as i’m not that good with computers in general but the ninjastick works just like it says and was online in a minute with it right out of the box.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback and happy to hear that the NinjaStick was easy to use.

  26. none #

    Got my Stik in the mail last week – works perfectly. Emailed a question re using it and received a reply 2 minutes later. Great company, great product, great customer service too.

    • ninjastik #

      Thank you and you are most welcome.

  27. Anonymous #

    Works on my HP laptop perfectly, didn’t get it working on my Macbook, but super happy with the NinjaStick overall. Thanks!

    • ninjastik #

      Happy to hear that it worked on the HP. If you do want it to work on the Macbook, send us an email, we’ll work it out. Cheers

  28. Anonymous #

    Works exactly as described – customer service was excellent and very patient. 5 of 5 .

    • ninjastik #

      We appreciate your patience too, enjoy your anonymity.

  29. Anonymous #

    Works Great!!!!! I can browse all the… wait, never mind. But it does work great. I say you should get one.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks, we agreed – everyone should get one.

  30. Anonymous #

    I am a happy, anonymous and relieved Ninjastick user – highly recommended.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback

  31. Anonymous #

    this is perfect – nsa can kiss my a$$

  32. Anonymous #

    I have a NinjaStick (posting this with it now) watching the NSA stuff in the news today – pretty happy that I have one. Thanks!

    • ninjastik #

      Happy to hear you are enjoying your NinjaStick. Since the NinjaStick uses the same protection systems as wikileaks – we’re pretty safe. It’s nice to be able to choose when to keep your privacy.

  33. Anonymous #

    Works perfectly connected to TOR within a few minutes and no one else who uses my laptop can see TOR installed.

    Also had a few tech questions along the way just sent an email to ninjastick and always got quick reply with easy to follow answer

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback!

  34. Anonymous #

    tor, pgp email, bitcoin wallet, encrypted storage, all in one – this thing was made for SR! and it gets me on the marketplace in a minute! Thanks!!!!

  35. Anonymous #

    lol – damn google auto complete – i agree, knowing everything is safely hidden away on my ‘stik is very nice feeling and that it is not going to haunt me in the future.

    • ninjastik #

      Privacy certainly is a wonderful thing, thanks for the feedback.

  36. Anonymous #

    i whole heartedly agree with the last comment – not worrying about who is seeing my history and worrying about my family finding my history or cookies or that damn google auto complete. I recommend it and have told a few of my friends about it too.

    • ninjastik #

      I think auto complete has caused a lot of grief for a lot of people. Thanks for the feedback and for recommending it to your friends.

  37. Anonymous #

    I have had my NinjaStick for 2 weeks now and all I can say is GET ONE for yourself – absolutley fantastic. I want to do a review of this on my youtube page, but have been rather shy about it. Regardless, once you have expreienced the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are hidden, you will never want to do without it. 10 out of 10 for the NinjaStick

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback and looking forward to your video review if you get the time.

  38. Anonymous #

    got mine on Saturday, slick looking box, so is the Ninjastick, and it worked perfectly on my net book. I’ve already recommended it to my friends.

  39. none #

    Hi, my ninjastick arrived in the mail last week, works great. Do you have a tutorial on how to use the encrypted email? Thanx.

  40. anonymous #

    I’m a technology newbie so was quite hesitant (looked this for a week before actually buying it) but it works just like your demo video. I have a hp laptop i bought in 2006 and the Ninjastick worked like a charm despite my lack of computer knowledge. Your support was really fast and polite to. Thanx!

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback – remember to tell your friends.

  41. bitcoin #

    Biought mine with bitcoin and the bitcoin wallet on the ninjastick is super easy to use. Nice to know that I don’t have to worry about getting a virus on my XP computer and losing my bitcoins or having them stolen.

    • ninjastik #

      Bitcoin safety is important since you can’t get them back once they are gone. FYI – Watch out for android bitcoin wallet scams – there are a lot out there right now.

  42. anonymous #

    Amazing, just amazing how well the NinjaStick works – love it!

    • ninjastik #

      Glad to hear you are enjoying it – spread the word and share the freedom!

  43. kt #

    Although the NinjaStick didn’t work for me, I wasn’t able to get my macbook to boot from usb, the customer service was very helpful and I was refunded immediately upon asking for one. Unhappy that I couldn’t get it working but nice to see they backup the guarantee. If I get a regular laptop I’ll be ordeirng one again.

    • ninjastik #

      Sorry again that it didn’t work out. If you have any questions before buying again – just send an email – always happy to assist and advise. btw – the Acer netbooks work great with the NinjaStick and you can pick one up online used for less than $90 on kijiji or craiglist.

  44. Anonymous #

    This a great product. So easy to use and got onto TOR quickly.

    What really sets ninjastick apart is the customer service. Helpful answers to my questions in a matter of minutes….really fantastic customer service!


    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback – always happy to help out.

  45. Anonymous #

    Excellent customer support and advice.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for leaving feedback – enjoy the NinjaStick!

  46. curious #

    can I use this with mtgox? does the wallet work with them?

    • ninjastik #

      It sure does – mtgox is online and the electrum wallet works with any exchange, bitcoin accepting merchant or other person with a wallet. The benefit of the NinjaStick is that the Electrum wallet has a recover option and the NinjaStick is protected with 256bit encryption – so even if you lose it, no one can get to your bitcoins but you can recover them!

  47. bitcoin #

    Worked just like it says and having my bitcoins in an encrypted wallet inside an encrypted usb drive is pretty safe, and it was much easier than i thought, Love that recovery feature too. Thanks

  48. bitcoin user #

    Thanks! I was able to make a bitcoin purchase this afternoon on the Ninja Stik, very easy.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback – be sure to write down your Electrum seed phrase somewhere safe.

  49. anonymous #

    The NinjaStick is exactly as promised here but what blew me away was the customer assistance – had problems with getting my laptop to boot from usb – had a response in minutes and very very patient and detailed help. The ninjastick is awesome. Thanks again.

    • ninjastik #

      Thank you very much – you are most welcome. Be sure to spread the word about the NinjaStick.

  50. anonymous #

    this made getting onto the marketplace so simple, 60 seconds and there it was! Thanks.

    • ninjastik #

      Your welcome – be careful out there ;-)

  51. n/a #

    I was hesitant as this thing was almost $50 bucks, but now that I have it, highly recommend it for anyone trying to figure out tor themselves. Showed up in my mail fast, very professional package, love the feel of the usb drive, and most importantly it worked right out of the box. Saved me from futzing around with tor, and not worrying if i was actually anonymous. Thanks!

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback!

  52. not given #

    I am back to leave a review for others looking at this product. It certainly does what it promises – once I learned how to start from usb on my laptop in less than 1 min I was online and the homepage on firefox is set to tell you if you are anonymous or not – a really nice feature. There is a nice set of programs to do word stuff, manage your photos, lots of room to save my files (got the 16gb model). Browsing is usually pretty quick – the tor network can be a bit laggy sometimes, but nothing too bad.

    Overall the ninjastick gets a 5 of 5 from my experience so far.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for coming back to review.

  53. Stephan #

    I am very happy with my NinjaStick. The best thing invented, thanks!

  54. Abram #

    All I can say is that NinjaStick is the bomb! It’s a life saver. Thanks.

  55. Clay #

    I just got my Ninjastick today and so far I am very impressed. Looking forward to using it all of the time because I am really enjoying what it does.

  56. Danielle #

    Ninjastick is absolutely awesome and a Godsend, thank you!

  57. Rachel #

    I am so happy with the Ninjastick and so glad to have come across it!

  58. Anonymous #

    AWESOME, AWESOME AWESOME – was worried about having the tor package installed on my laptop and this is perfect, really simple for a non technical person like myself. I might start a anonymous blog now.

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback. Remember – if you start an anonymous blog, never sign into it from your regular computer without the NinjaStick. If you log into the blog without the NinjaStick your real IP address will be registered on the blog server.

  59. Anonymous #

    Got my ninjastick last week and it is awesome – after messing around trying to make tor work, this was perfect and it actually does get me on in less than a minute. Thanks!

    • ninjastik #

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying your NinjaStick.

  60. anon #

    Came back to leave feedback – if your in doubt, dont be. this is the sh*t – any site you want and it loads up in less than a minute

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks :-)

  61. Anonymous #

    Ordered this and it shipped in 12 hours, received in 3 days. Plugged it in to my home PC and it worked first time in less than a minute although i wasn’t using a stopwatch it felt like much less. Have found that browsing speed is a bit slower than normal but not so much as to be annoying

    • ninjastik #

      Thanks for the feedback, if you find that browsing is unusually slow, open the Vidalia control panel and click on ‘new identity’. This will give you a new connection through TOR.

  62. Anonymous #

    Got it, loaded up fast with an old Gateway laptop, had problems getting my Dell to boot from USB but got it to work with it too. Make sre your laptop can boot from the usb

  63. anonymoustoo #

    5 of 5 stars for the Ninjastick – arrived last week and saved me a bunch of trouble with TOR, plus being encrypted I am pretty happy with it so far.

    • ninjastik #

      Glad to hear it is working great.

  64. newuser #

    I received my ninjastick yesterday and here is my review. It works just as promised – the first time using it I had to connect to the wifi and restart tor from the panel. After that it loads up fast and firefox pops up saying that I am connected to tor properly every time. Viewing websites is a bit slower than normal because it is using tor, but overall, first impressions – great device, very easy to use.

  65. Anonymous #

    Works great, arrived in 5 days, thanks!

  66. youdontknowmenow #

    I received my ninja stik and it works just as described. I was a bit unsure when opening the package – it’s just a 16 GB usb thumb drive, doesn’t have a logo on the drive, it came in a small bubblewrap envelope with a half page sheet telling me how to use it. Aside from the basic packaging, it works and it is less than a minute to the TOR check page on my laptop.

  67. Anonymous #

    I received my Ninjastick in the mail today (only 4 days after ordering) and wanted to leave my evaluation of it here.

    It worked with my Gateway Celeron laptop, had to change the boot order in the bios.

    The NinjaStick loaded, asked for my encryption password, then my login password and then loaded the desktop. It did not connect to TOR right away as I had to select my wifi router first. Once that was done I restarted TOR from the control panel and it loaded TOR very quickly.

    Overall the Ninjastick worked as advertised and I am looking forward to starting my anonymous blog soon.

  68. Gale Hayes #

    I’m going to use this to run my blog – any advice on how to do it? BTW it works on my home computer, haven’t tried it with wireless yet.

  69. StonedImpala #

    This thing is sweet – I was worried the ‘rents would see TOR installed on my laptop. I just need to figureout where to send my deliveries.

  70. Crunchy #

    Got mine today and was on SR right away – now I need to figure out bitcoin – have anything for that?

  71. Casandra R #

    This is awesome! Got mine yesterday and it works with my Toshiba laptop perfectly – was online in less than a minute after setting up my wifi. Thanks

  72. Saotouch #

    It WORKS! thanks NinjaStick :-)

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