Backup Your NinjaStik – Encrypted Backups Simplified

Creating a safe, secure and encrypted backup of your NinjaStik files is a very simple process and one that every NinjaStik owner should do on a monthly basis at the very least.

It only takes a couple of minutes and the time invested is well worth the insurance on your data.

Here are the steps

1) From the NinjaStik desktop, click Start, Preferences, Disk Utility.

This will bring up the disk utility window.

2) Plug in a blank USB drive.

This must be a blank drive or a drive that you can erase – the encryption and formatting process will erase all existing data on the backup USB drive!

3) Once plugged in, a new drive will appear in the column to the left.


4) Click on the drive – in the screenshot it would be the Kingston DataTraveler111.

5) Click ‘Unmount Volume’.

6) Click format


7) Click format again


8) Click create new partition


9) Encrypting the Backup Drive.

After clicking on ‘create new partition’ you will be presented with this screen:


  • Size – The system will automatically use the entire drive
  • Type – EXT4 is the correct file type to use
  • Name – You can change this to anything you like
  • Take Ownership – this must be checked
  • Encrypt underlying device – this must be checked

10) Create an encryption passphrase.

You can use the same passphrase as your NinjaStik. and can check ‘Remember Forever’.

Passwords, like with many things, longer is better.  Make your password impossible to guess but easy to remember.

11) Once the format and encryption is done, click ‘mount’ and it will look like this:

12) Close the Disk Utility, click on the File Manager icon.

You will see the drive here:



Click on the drive, it will ask for the password, enter it, and the drive will open.

You can then copy any files over to the drive.  Recommended files to backup are anything saved in your Home folder, backup your Firefox bookmarks, Thunderbird emails and most importantly, backup your Electrum bitcoin wallet.

If you have any questions while trying to backup your NinjaStik, send an email to  Help is only an email away.

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