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Feedback from NinjaStik users and reviewers.

Using the Tor network along with 256 bit encryption it easily allows your data and web browsing to be kept private. It works by simply plugging it into any available USB port on your PC or MAC and booting the Linux-based OS from the stick.


if you are not much of a computer wizard, but are still concerned about your privacy being invaded, then we would definitely advise the Ninjastik, it takes all the hard work and does it for you, while leaving you with an easy to use bit of kit.


Using 256 bit security, USB based operating system and Torproject integration, the Ninjastik delivered an outstanding performance by putting all 3 of those features on the Ninjastik making it easy to use.

Angus Leung – TechisKey

So for those times when you really don’t want your friendly national surveillance service (or that freak Carrie Mathison from “Homeland”) watching everything you do online, there’s NinjaStik. For everything else there’s, well, everything else.  I feel much safer already.

Dan Tynan – ITWorld

…quite simply, the NinjaStik does what it says on the tin and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants secure and anonymous online communications as well as encrypted file storage without the hassle of having to learn how to configure it all themselves.

Alexander Hanff – Think Privacy

For most people, spending less than $70 on a device that they know will work, and has great support from Jeremy at NinjaStik, is a lot easier than messing with something they are not fully schooled in. No hassle, guaranteed.


A robust SwissArmyKnife for privacy on- & off-line while browsing or not!
All I’m bringing to #DEFCON is my @NinjaStik.
60 seconds to anonymity – sweet and it works!

Overall it’s a nice little tool for less tech savvy people trying to get a little privacy online, and are in a situation where they’re mobile and using computers that don’t belong to them or are shared with un-trusted parties.

I bought a Ninja Stick from Jeremy because he had incorporated Lubuntu, FireFox and Tor into a USB.  This is an amazing accomplishment, giving anyone almost complete privacy and anonymity off virtually any computer.

They made sure that if I was not satisfied I was aware that I could get a refund.  I figured I’d buy another computer before I’d give up my Ninja Stick.  If he wanted it back he would have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers.

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A fully encrypted computer with anonymous browsing, ready to use. Get your privacy back. Today. NinjaStik