How to use your NinjaStik with a PC

How to use your NinjaStik with a PC

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General PC instructions to boot from USB
Step 1 – Turn off your computer! If you plug the NinjaStik  into a running computer it will say ‘device is empty’ or ‘device requires formatting’.  Do not format the NinjaStik.  Turn off your computer!
Step 2 – Plug in the NinjaStik and then turn on your computer.
Step 3 – Select boot device
Right after turning on your computer, within 1 to 3 seconds, the screen will flash a message ‘Press __ for boot device’ or ‘Press __ to select boot order’.  It is usually ESC, F10 or F12.  The Screen will look something like these:
Step 4 – Select USB as the boot device and the NinjaStik will load up.
Step 5 – Enter your encryption passphrase (default is ‘password’)

Then enter your login password (default is ‘password’)

Once the NinjaStik desktop has loaded, if using WIFI, you will need to configure your WIFI connection.  Once you have connected the WIFI, exit the Vidalia control panel, click on the start menu, select logout.  Logout, then log back in and the NinjaStik will automatically connect with WIFI, configure TOR and confirm the status on the Firefox home page.

Your NinjaStik will also work on Intel based Mac computers – check out How to Use Your NinjaStik on a Mac for more info.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please contact admin@ninjastik for assistance.