NinjaStik Now – Downloadable NinjaStik

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NinjaStik Now – Download and burn to any USB drive

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The NinjaStik Now – Rock Solid Security and Privacy in Seconds.

  • Browsing with Tor in 60 seconds
  • Safeguards your browsing activity
  • Encrypted email system – ready to use
  • Bitcoin wallet Electrum – ready to use
  • Works with any computer that can boot from USB, including Intel based Macs
  • Automatically checks for software and security updates
  • No monthly fees, no usage limits, no other payments required, ever.

Protect your privacy – Safeguard your identity

The NinjaStik Now is a downloadable USB image that can be burned to any USB drive 8GB or higher.

Note: There are differences between the NinjaStik Pro and the NinjaStik Now.

– The NinjaStik Now does not have encrypted storage.

– The USB drive you use must be 8GB or more and can be expanded to utilize larger drives.

– You can load the NinjaStik Now on multiple USB drives, no licensing or fees to pay.

– The NinjaStik Now routes all browser activity through Tor but not system updates or other traffic.

– The NinjaStik Now is a zip file with the NinjaStik image and a tool for burning the image to your USB drive.

Simply purchase the NinjaStik Now, after payment you will receive an email with a download link (it is ~2.2GB).

Note: You do not need to be a high tech type to use the NinjaStik Now. Simply download, burn and boot from the usb. It really is that easy.

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