Online Privacy Simplified

A downloadable, portable, fully encrypted desktop with anonymous browsing. Ready to use.

Get your privacy back. Today.

What Happens on a NinjaStik… Stays on a Ninjastik.


Encryption means your data and activity is private.


Tor Browser Bundle provides online privacy.


Leaves no trace on the computer you use it with.


Make as many as you want. Free automatic updates.

Three Easy Steps

You don’t need to be a tech to use the NinjaStik.


When you purchase the NinjaStik we send you an email with the download links. Simply download the NinjaStik image, the Etcher application and the instruction page.


Plug in your USB or any hard drive, open the Etcher program and write the image to your drive. The instruction page has steps and images to guide you along.


Turn off your computer, plug in the drive and turn on your computer. It will boot up from the USB drive. In seconds you are online with privacy and security. It is that simple.


Everything you do on the NinjaStik is fully encrypted. All of your data and browsing activity is secured with 256 bit encryption. You can browse, email, work, and save any data, with real security in seconds.


The NinjaStik Now includes the Tor Browser Bundle to provide privacy when browsing. Just click it and get online with anonmity. The NinjaStik leaves no trace on the computer you use it with.


You can make a NinjaStik USB in seconds, take it with you anywhere. If anyone tries to use your NinjaStik they won’t be able to access anything without your encryption passphrase.

Imagine having real privacy.

Simply download the NinjaStik image, follow the easy to use instructions to burn it to any drive (usb or hdd). Turn it on and you have encrypted storage, online privacy and security in seconds.


Using ‘private mode’ or Incognito won’t help you.

Even if you always delete your browsing history…
Even if you password protect your computer…
And even if you use Incognito and Private Browsing 

Your browing activity could be stolen, hacked, published or shared. Anything you’ve done online today could be found tomorrow, next week or even 50 years from now.

Imagine an AI system scouring the internet for your online activity, what could it find?

NinjaStik Overview

The NinjaStik Now is an image file that you can download and burn onto any USB or computer hard drive. The image is an entire desktop operating system, ready to use.


Everything on the NinjaStik is fully encrypted. All of your data, files, browsing activity, cryptocurrency, everything is secured with 256 bit encryption.


The NinjaStik includes the Tor Browser Bundle,  Just click it and get online with anonymity. The NinjaStik leaves no trace on the computer you use it with.


The NinjaStik will run on any computer that can boot from USB. Simply plug in your NinjaStik, boot the computer from the USB drive and Voila!


You can make as many NinjaStiks as you want with your download. NinjaStik is built on Ubuntu, which means automatic free security and software updates.

Online Security & Privacy in Seconds.

Simply download it, load it onto your drive, and boot it up.

Get It Now


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the pros say:

Using the Tor network along with 256 bit encryption it easily allows your data and web browsing to be kept private. It works by simply plugging it into any available USB port on your PC or MAC and booting the Linux-based OS from the stick.


Tech Is Key

…quite simply, the NinjaStik does what it says on the tin and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants secure and anonymous online communications as well as encrypted file storage without the hassle of having to learn how to configure it all themselves.


Think Privacy

So for those times when you really don’t want your friendly national surveillance service (or that freak Carrie Mathison from “Homeland”) watching everything you do online, there’s NinjaStik. For everything else there’s, well, everything else. I feel much safer already.


IT World

So Many Features!

Simplicity and ease of use doesn’t have to limit the possibilities. The NinjaStik is designed to be easy to get, easy to create and easy to use.


You can use the NinjaStik Now image with any size of drive from 8GB to 8TB and up! Use it to make a USB, HDD or SSD of any size.


You can use the NinjaStik Now image to make as many NinjaStiks as you want. There are no limits, no licenses, no fees. Ever.


The NinjaStik Now is built on Ubuntu which provides free automatic security and software updates. Keeping your NinjaStik(s) safe and secure.


To eliminate shared encryption keys the NinjaStik includes a reencryption tool and step-by-step instructions. Reencrypt every NinjaStik you make for free.


Browse anything you want with the famous Tor Browser Bundle. The NinjaStik has both a regular Firefox browser and the Tor Browser Bundle installed and ready to use.


The Electrum Bitcoin wallet is one of the best methods of storing and using Bitcoin. Safe, Secure and includes recovery options to ensure your cryptocurrency isn’t lost.


Backups are important. Critical in fact. A wise man said ‘Given enough time, all data is lost’. The NinjaStik makes it easy to create backups of your data. Secure, encrypted backups. You will never regret having made a backup.


Want more? You can add more. The NinjaStik is built on Ubuntu, which has an incredible list of software availble with only a couple of clicks. Add altcoin wallets, audio & video editors, games, anything you want.


We’ll put the NinjaStik up against any other product on the market today. The NinjaStik security, features, convenience and great customer service all add up to the best portable online privacy device around and we’ve been building them since 2012. The only one we won’t bash is TAILS (geek pun intended) – if you are looking for a free option to online Tor browsing, TAILS is phenomenal. Tor routers and anything running on Windows are, in our opinion, a security nightmare and an absolute waste of money. Before buying any privacy product, take the time to learn why you need it and what it will do. Only you can be responsible for your own privacy.

Questions? Need Help?

Send us an email to admin@ninjastik and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.Even if you are trying to build your own open source privacy device and are having issues, we’ll help out.

DIY NinjaStik

Want a DIY Free NinjaStik?

That’s right, we offer a free option.

If you are familiar with Linux you might be saying ‘This is crazy, don’t pay for something you can do yourself for free’ and we would agree with you.

NinjaStik Use Case Example

$200 Privacy Machine

The NinjaStik, being built on Lubuntu, runs incredibly fast on older computers. We run it on ancient machines on a daily basis.

One of our favorite machines to build is the IBM Lenovo T430i with NinjaStik on an SSD.

You can pick up a used T430i for $130 and a 120GB SSD for $50. Add the NinjaStik image and you have an incredible privacy machine in minutes, for ~$200. Everything works including audio, video, wifi, camera, and usb 3.0. Search for the T430i and you’ll find some really good deals from local stores that sell used machines.

Image being able to browse, communicate and save data on a super fast, portable, reliable, private, secure, fully encrypted laptop for less than $200.

We don’t sell pre-built laptops (yet) but you can do it yourself. Get the NinjaStik and use it with any older computer you already have.

Get Your Privacy Back. Today.