DIY NinjaStik

Boot from USB

DIY NinjaStik

The NinjaStik is built using secure, safe, free open source software.

If you want to make your own NinjaStik style Tor on USB device:

The best free option is TAILS – download it and burn it to a disc, boot from the disc and away you go.

To build your own custom version from scratch you can download Lubuntu for free.

Tor software itself also free – and can be downloaded from the Torproject.

The bitcoin wallet on the NinjaStik, Electrum, is also free.

You can build your own secure USB based system completely free.

You should also check out our post on the many other Tor related projects.

What’s the catch? 

Yes, unfortunately, there is a catch – it takes time.  If you have the time, learn about Linux – it is an incredible O/S.  Learn about Tor, learn about installing and working from a terminal window.

You also have to purchase a good quality USB drive of course.

(don’t use cheap usb drives. they are slow and will die quickly)

There is a wealth of information available from many forums, local Linux clubs, bloggers, etc.  You can search any problem you run into and find an answer in seconds.

You can even email us and we’ll help as much as we can, [email protected]

It may sound crazy that we recommend a free option, but we firmly believe that supporting and promoting Linux and the open source community is far more important than missing out on a few sales.

If you don’t have the time or interest in building your own we (of course) think the NinjaStik is awesome and packed with features.