2021 Samsung Laptops – boot from usb

2021 Samsung Laptops – boot from usb

ninjastik support
The Samsung laptops running Windows may have secure boot or UEFI boot enabled which prevents the system from running anything but Windows. This is an easy change to make and will not affect normal operation or Windows.
Turn off the computer, unplug the NinjaStik, turn on the computer, press F2 right after turning it on, you will be taken to the bios settings.
Samsung - boot from usb
Select ‘Advanced’ and make the following changes;
legacy USB support – enabled
UEFI boot support – disabled
Tab over to ‘Boot’ highlight ‘Boot Device Priority’ and click Enter
Highlight USB HDD and move it up to the top using F5

Save the settings F10, exit the BIOS, plugin your NinjaStik, power on and the NinjaStik will load up.

Why all the hassle to boot from USB?

We are always happy to assist and walk you through any changes and modifications required to get your NinjaStik running on these computers.  Email help@ninjastik.com with any questions you may have.

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